Monday, December 18, 2017
Family And Marriage Video Click the video to find out more about our Marriage and Family sessions.
Life Management Video Click the video to find out more about our Life Management sessions.
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These sessions will better help you communicate more effectivly with your spouse, and develop rich relationships with your children.


 In these sessions you will learn the basics of time management and learn more about the skill sets you need to achieve your maxiumum potential!


What is true prosperity? What does God want me to have and what am I entitled to? This will be addressed in these sessions!


  In our Spiritual Enrichment sessions we have customized curriculums to help people deal with real problems that they are facing. These sessions are Bible based. This may be the course for you to help you get back on track with your life!


healthy  Some of the topics that will be addressed in these sessions include "What is healthy and wholesome to eat & drink", proper ways to excercise, how to know what diseases are attacking my family, combating mental illness and much more!

Todd Pulliams Total Life Introduction Video In this video Todd Pulliam will discuss the vision of Total Life Instute. He also discusses the overall curriculum of Total Life Institute and how it can help you transform your life forever!


Meet the Instructors

Todd J. Pulliam

Todd J. Pulliam presents 23 years of marriage to Michell and the successful rearing of their three children. Todd also presents 26 years of community service Read more...

Michell Pulliam

Mrs. PulliamMichell Pulliam presents 23 years of marriage to Todd Pulliam, and over 20 years assisting Todd in founding and pastoring local church works.   Read more...

April Hagins

April HaginsApril Hagins presents over 15 years of corporate experience as an executive secretary, curriculum author and specialist for Christian education Read more...

Terese Hopkins

April Hagins Terese Hopkins presents over 15 years of working in the financial industry, conducting financial training sessions and helping fellow citizens in getting  their financial Read more...