Monday, December 18, 2017
Some of the sessions you will take part in!  black-family  
  1. Defining marriage and family.
  2. Preparing a vision for marriage and family.
  3. Walking out your vision for marriage and family.
  4. What are our roles in marriage?
  5. What are our roles in family?
  6. Preparation for children.
  7. Vision for family.
  8. Communication in marriage.
  9. Communication in family.
  10. Developing rich relationships with spouse.
  11. Developing rich relationships with children.
  12. Assisting your spouse in developing their dream.
  13. Assisting your children in developing their dreams.
  14. Financial stewardship as a family.
  15. Financial success in marriage and in family.
  16. Leaving wealth to your children and grandchildren.