Monday, December 18, 2017

visionOur goal is to reach as many   underprivileged youth, individuals, and families as possible with a moral and biblically based message of victory, development, and success.

 At Total Life Institute, we will accomplish this goal by providing training sessions, classes, and developmental expos locally and nationally. Every area of life will be covered from marriage, family, financial stewardship and restarting life and careers to development of ideas, inventions, and visions.

 At Total Life Institute, we will develop within the urban and rural communities of America a heightened sense of value for human life, strong work ethic, innovativeness and pursuit of the American Dream by showing a great appreciation for the many innovators, inventors, developers, and educators that have made their mark and we'll celebrate their accomplishments. These are normal everyday people who chose to pursue their dream rather than settle for what someone else said was their lot in life.

 Ultimately, our goal is to have a central campus where our core curriculums and courses are featured. Our faith is that we will be able to establish satellite locations around the nation and then the world. Our faith is that we will gain access to the prison system and cut down dramatically the return rate for so many. Our satellite stations across the nation will cut down dramatically the number of first time offenders as well. We will cut dramatically the hopelessness that infects entire community settings. It is our faith also, that we gain access to the public school system thus working together with educators and parents in introducing and providing effective techniques to inspiring our youth to dream again and take great pleasure in their futures with their educational opportunities.